2024 Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre Fundraising Opportunity


2024 HCA Volunteers:

Important notes:

  • You may sign up for SEVEN (7) shows per ice hockey player in your family. Roller Hockey volunteers may sign up for TWO (2) shows per player in your family.
  • On May 15, ALL shows will be opened to all certified volunteers. While there won't be a limit on shows per player at that point, we will monitor how many shifts each volunteer is taking to make sure opportunities are being spread equitably.
  • All money raised is divided amongst those who volunteered and is paid out after HCA completes their show season and closes out their books. Payments were provided to FH families this past season in December.
  • IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN BEING A LEAD, please designate that. Show leads have to do a little more training but receive a $100 incentive per show for their extra responsibilities.

**Any money raised as part of this fundraiser will offset any hockey dues for our club first (Ice and/or Roller Hockey). Any surplus for your player may be used for other gear the club orders (sticks, bags, etc.) or other hockey activities outside our club. It is expected that families who take advantage of this program will have their player participate in the following season from start to finish.**

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