Inline Hockey

Francis Howell Inline Hockey is a spring school sport that plays in the Missouri Inline Hockey Association (MOIHA).

We field teams from players in grades 4 through 12 of varying skill level.

High School

We expect to field three the following teams at high school this year.

  • Varsity 1
  • JV
  • C

Our varsity coach will be Tommy Heinzman.

Junior High

Student attending FHSD schools who will attend Francis High School, grades 4 through 8 are eligible to play for our junior high teams.

We expect to field two or three junior high teams. The specific levels those teams will compete at will be set after the preseason tournament.

Our top junior high team will be coached by Kyle Vossmeyer.


The season runs from March to mid-May. Tryouts begin in January.


Games can be held at any of the inline rinks in the area. Practices and tryouts will either be at Matteson Square Garden or Queeny Park.


Our teams will play 16-20 games between the preseason tournament, regular season and the playoffs.


We only hold a handful of practices and those are typically prior to the start of the season.


Jerseys are custom ordered and are an additional cost if you need to order a set.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to play?

Students grade 4th through 12th who live within the district boundaries of Francis Howell High School (not the entire school district, just students who will attend Francis Howell High School) and are currently attending school in the school district.    

If you go to private school or your high school does not have a team, you would have to register on MOIHA’s website as a pool player and we can put in a request for you.

Is inline hockey experience required?

No. As long as you have ice hockey or inline experience, you'll fit in fine. Ice hockey players usually take about 4 games to adjust to the differences.

When does the season start?

The season kicks off with the Tour Breakout tournament the first weekend of March. The regular season will kick off in mid-march and run until the playoffs in mid-May. 

How many teams will you have?

We typically field three high school teams (Varsity, JV, C) and two junior high teams.

Who are the Coaches?  

TBD for the 2023 season.

How are teams formed?

Rosters are going to be set via a tryout process in January and February. 

When are the games?

The league has full control over the game schedule. The games can be any day of the week, but the majority are on weekends.

Where are the games?

Games are scheduled at all of the inline rinks in the area: All-American, Queeny, Vetta 70 (formerly Matteson and Fenton).

When are the practices?

To keep costs as low as possible, we will only hold a few practices in February or March.   When those times are available they will be sent out.

How many games are there?

The season consists of a preseason tournament (4-5 games), the regular season game (14 games for high school, 12 for junior high) and the playoffs.

What equipment differences are there for inline than ice?

Most of the equipment between is the same. In addition to skates, the differences are

  • Rather than 'hockey pants' and socks, players wear inline pants. These must be black with minimal white or blue on them. No other colors may be worn.
  • For padding on the hips, we recommend an inline girdle but many players opt to not wear them.
  • Players do not wear ice hockey should pads. Many don't wear any shoulder protection, but we do recommend a padded shirt.
  • The rest of your equipment will be the same as ice hockey.

What is the cost to play?

We run the club to break-even. What that means is that we take a deposit at registration and then once we have the final number of players we divide up the cost equally. Typically the cost ends up being around $350 for the season plus the cost for jerseys which you can use for multiple seasons.



Inline hockey is operated as breakeven where we divide the total expenses incurred by the total number of players.  In past season the cost (not including jerseys) has been approximately $400.

Due at Registration: $100 + Jerseys
February 15th: $100
March 15th: $100
April 15th: TBD

Goalies are free, with the exception of the cost of their jerseys.


We will be using the same jerseys as the 2023 season.  Returning players should verify that your jerseys still fit and are still in good condition.  

We recommend that you order a new pair of inline pants each season.

High School Evaluations (Grades 9-12)

February 23rd  - 7pm at Midwest (Queeny) 

February 25th - 10am at Vetta 70

Junior High Evaluations (Grades 4-8)

February 2nd - 7PM at Midwest (Queeny)

February 3rd - 11AM at Midwest (Queeny)

February 10th - 11AM at Midwest (Queeny)

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